I am still praising God for this Jubilee the community got the pleasure to witness this past Sunday. Not only did I attend this event I was asked to bring a word for the attendees. 

As a young girl in the church, I would always hear the elderly say things like, "Put on your full armor, no weapons formed against me shall prosper and I am on the battlefield." I truly had no idea why they would always say that because to me, it just sounded good. 

Now that I am wise enough to understand, I find myself yelling out the same phrases. But I know them to be true for what they are. Because I am a living witness that troubles will come, but they don't last forever. The weapons may form, but they won't prosper.

Youths from Pasadena were on fire for the Lord. Seeing them praise the Lord was such an awesome sight. They have realized that they can dance their way through any storm or war.

Every time we open our eyes we are marching on the battlefield. You can't even roll out the bed good without Satan meeting your feet on the floor. With all the praising going on in the church the Devil had to flee he had no place in that house.

Until next time, Rochele

Local event

36 years - Reclaim Our Time - Overcome Obstacles -Strength to Continue; Black History Committee presents The Praise Jubilee

Posted March 27, 2018
By Rochele Jones
"Amor Up for Spiritual Warfare" 
                       Ephesians 6:10-20

Cantrese Wright praise dancing