1st Annual Darnay Holmes Youth Football Camp a Major Success

Posted July 19, 2021
By Dennis Haywood

​When Darney Holmes was drafted into the National Football League he made a commitment to the youth in Pasadena. On Saturday he held his first youth football camp and it was a day the kids will never forget. It is really important for Darnay to show the kids that he is them. 

Not only Darnay but a plethora of other local NFL players like Myles Bryant, Steven Mitchell, and several others who were there to simply help the kids gain a better understanding of not only football but life. 

Former John Muir and Oregon State football standout Lance Mitchell was an inspiration all day. From the moment the kids started to arrive in the morning until the end of the day, Coach Lance was there to motivate them.

It was such an impressive day in so many different ways with one of them being the number of kids that showed up. There had to be over 300 kids and most if not all are a part of the newly formed Pasadena Giants Youth Football Program. The program is comprised of the old Pasadena Ponies program and the Rose City program. It was a beautiful thing to see the young coaches who came from programs in Pasadena return and give back to the youth today. 

It was a day of unity and discipline and respect. The men working with the kids didn't yell but educate. They didn't scold they showered the kids with praise, encouragement, and inspiration. It was a safe and fun place to be.

Many local vendors participated in the day's activities, but none were more important than Kenny James Jr. and his company Solid Water, who provided drinks for the kids all day as the weather reached 90 degrees. 

Pasadena Police Officer Shelby showed how easy it is for police/community relationships to work by becoming part of the day. He raced kids, talked, and encouraged them while he was there. Now when those kids see Officer Shelby, they won't fear him, they will be happy to see him.

It was a day like Northwest Pasadena hasn't seen in a while. It was a day the community gave to the kids with a physical presence. 

Darick Holmes deserves much credit for the success of so many talented young men who are going to college with football scholarships, but what's even bigger about what he's doing is the men he's helping to mold. A lot of these young men don't have fathers present in their lives and Darick has filled a void for many.

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