Punisher Mentality at Pasadena Police Department

During times when people are fighting for not only racial and social equality, it is highly insensitive and offensive that Pasadena Police Chief John Perez hasn't come out publicly and announced that Black lives do matter to the PPD.


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Nurse Behavior: Black-Owned Medical Apparel Boutique

Nurse Behavior was founded for nurses, by a nurse; Kimberly Ladzekpo. Kimberly gained her experience through bedside nursing working in cardiac telemetry, medical-surgical, mental health, and her current position as a registered ...


Pasadena Police Department Operating Through an Archaic Lens From the 1980s

If you ever just listen to the Pasadena Police talk about the Pasadena Police and their relationship with the Northwest section of the city, three things will always come up. Gangs, guns, and the 1980s.

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How to Homeschool Your Kids While Working During a Global Pandemic

With school closures happening all across the country due to the coronavirus outbreak, public schools are varying widely in what they offer. School districts have a legal obligation to provide equitable learning opportunities and it can be hard for schools to guarantee access to necessary hardware


Community Complaints the Cause for More Police Presence at La Pintoresca Park

The Pasadena Police Department has received complaints of drinking, drug use and inappropriate sexual activity at La Pintoresca Park during all times of the day. The activity has prevented community members from using the park...


Raise Your Voice to Establish Civilian Oversight of the Pasadena Police Department

​​​​Today, over 140 civilian oversight committees are in operation at a local level across the United States, according to the national Associaton for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement. Pasadena is aprogressive city yet has failed to implement anything close to a Civilian Oversight model.

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Perry's Joint
Wood Legal Group
NAACP & NDLON Release Community Bill of Rights and Declaration of Interdependence

In the face of the racial justice crisis that our communities face across our country, both of our organizations called for mass mobilizations to demand meaningful police reform in our city.