Study Points to Racial Disparities Among Hospitalized Autistic Children

Black children with autism who are hospitalized for psychiatric problems are more impaired than their white peers, according to a new study1. Socioeconomic factors may explain this difference, experts say.

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Local Black-owned Businesses Really Need Your Support During the Pandemic

​​​​​There are local businesses that are still open and doing business during this corona pandemic. This is a time when we need to not only get closer and better connected as family units and households but as a community.  


Coronavirus Has Forced Us To Become Families Again

​​​​The coronavirus pandemic has forced most to stay home on days they would usually be at work and school. Most American families only spend 1 hour together during the week because of everyone's schedules.

Former John Muir Star Critically Injured in Car Accident

​​​​​​Saturday afternoon there was a terrible accident, as two cars were allegedly street-racing in Monrovia on Myrtle Avenue just south of Duarte Road. As the two drivers passed Duarte Road, the driver of the classic Mustang lost control

Chef Andrea Drummer Makes History by Opening America’s First Cannabis Café

In West Hollywood, customers can find a legal cannabis food spot, called Original Cannabis Cafe, owned by chef Andrea Drummer, making it the first in the country. 

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How to Homeschool Your Kids While Working During a Global Pandemic

With school closures happening all across the country due to the coronavirus outbreak, public schools are varying widely in what they offer. School districts have a legal obligation to provide equitable learning opportunities and it can be hard for schools to guarantee access to necessary hardware

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Whose Resolution, Yours or His?

A follower of Christ struggling with the act of resolution is living an oxymoron - unnecessarily. Surely the Lord knows we need His help in this area and has provided the fullest complement of help we'll ever need to be successful with such goals

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