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Suspect in Oscar Chavez Hit and Run Arraigned in Pasadena

21-year-old Donte Fox of Pasadena was identified as the driver of the vehicle that hit Oscar as he rode his motorcycle home. Donte abandoned the vehicle and fled the scene


SOBP 2018


Healthy Free Summer Lunch Program for Kids

If you have a school-aged student in need of breakfast and lunch this summer, simply text “FOOD” to 877877 and receive a message back with a location closest to where they can get free summer meals. Even if you aren't in need, someone...

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Spend your Summer Getting in Shape with GirlTrek 

During this time we can reflect on the Spring season and prepare ourselves for what we want to accomplish in this one. New beginnings are always good so let's celebrate our new journeys.


John Kennedy: The State of Black Pasadena 2018

What struck me as problematic was the minuscule number of African American young people walking across the stage. Sure, there was a much higher percentage of black students in the graduating classes at Pacific Oaks...

ROyalty Creations to Host Gloss & Sip Mixer 

Hi everyone! I am so excited to announce that I will be throwing an official Gloss & Sip sponsored by GlossGenius for all my beauty professional colleagues and friends! I'm building a GlossGenius Community of incredible beauty pros that want to step up their business & I want you...

Sports & Music Reunion, Full of Powerful and Influential People

Athletes from Larry Fitzgerald to Drew Gordon were on hand to help celebrate the connection between sports and music. Jim Hill was there to cover the event as in Los Angeles he is as big a start and celebrity as anyone.

Big Things Going on at Nu-Wave Barbershop

The barbershop is called Nu Wave and it is located in Hopkins Village, which is a Black-owned complex located on the corner of Lake Avenue and Howard Street. It's a beautiful thing when we don't have to look to others for the opportunity to become successful.