Black Men Have a Responsibility to Protect Our Girls

Over the weekend the R. Kelly docuseries was the topic of many intense conversations. It was very disturbing for me to watch but I watched it all twice because I wanted to see if I could get a better understanding of what goes on in the mind of a serial pedophile

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Team Pasadena, First to Play on Court Dedicated to Nipsey Hussle

Last week was an emotional one for the entire Los Angeles area due to the funeral service of slain rapper and community developer Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey was such a force in his community that the people at Crete Academy in the Crenshaw District decided to transform the basketball...




GirlTrek Trailblazers Take on the Waterfall this Week

Every time you turn around, you see GirlTrek members because they are out in Pasadena killing it. April is National African American  Fitness Month and the TrekTrailblazers turned it up a notch.

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Brandon Jackson Will Forever Be Remembered Through His Scholarship

The Brandon Jackson Memorial Scholarship recognizes the life of Brandon Jackson, a young man who inspired many of his classmates to personal and academic excellence and whose own life was cut short.




24-Hour Black News Channel to Launch in November

Despite the proliferation of basic and premium cable television channels during the past two decades, the number of cable news networks dedicated to serving the nation’s African American communities remains at ZERO!

Markina Smith, Changing Fashion with Her Leggings

From the age of 9, I started designing clothing and drawing almost anything I could set my eyes on. I was introduced to my first sewing machine that summer and the thought of taking an idea and creating something out of nothing...


Great Day at Hurting Women Be Healed Luncheon

Colyna is a 2-time local Author who has a heart of Gold. Has experienced her fair share of life’s ups and downs. But has turned her pain into her passion. She’s on a daily mission to heal Women. She wants to rewrite that saying hurt people hurt people