Birdie Tussle Raises Over $10,000 for Muir & PHS 

114 golfers came out to participate in the 5th Annual Birdie Tussle Golf Tournament at Brookside Golf Course, Friday morning before the Turkey Tussle. The tournament brings alums from Pasadena and John Muir High...

Tana M. Session: Let Her Motivate You 

Pasadena resident Tana M. Session spreads motivation from the moment you meet her. Some people are simply positive and pleasant, because they see life through a different viewfinder. When you meet Tana you think colorful and confident. She will be a speaker and workshop host.

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GirlTrek TrailBlazers: More Ladies, More Fun, Better Health

Last Saturday at the Girltrek walk we had close to 16 women join us. We walked through the Pasadena Bridge in pairs. The amount of strength in this group was amazing. Before we started walking we...


2017 Black Business Women Rock Conference, Rocked! 

The 6th annual BBWR Conference & Expo got off with a bang on Friday with Session A when Kimberly Kelly-Rolfe educated the crowd on how to accelerate your business. From then on the two days were filled with information to help women with their...

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Paco Swartz: Life's Tragedy Became His Muse

Life's tragedies can break you sometimes and it takes a strong person to look at what you feel is defeat straight in the eyes and deal with it. Life's challenges can weaken you sometimes and it take internal  fortitude to remain on your feet, especially when your ten toes are the foundation of your family. 


Fight for Life: Childhood Obesity a Real Problem for African-Americans Part II

I don't know about you but I would like to see the above percentage drop to 0%. That's to close to half of our future (The Youth) and we should work diligently to reduce these figures. We can start by simply...

You Can Now Wig-Out at JP's Beauty Supply

Let's be realistic, we don't always have time to sit in our stylist's chair. Some women deal with damaged hair, hair loss, alopecia, Cancer and many other issues that hinder them from keeping their hair up.I have had many women contact me...

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