NAACP, Pasadenans Organizing for Progress Hosts Healing Trauma Beyond Gangs and Prisons Documentary Viewing & Discussion

Brave New Films has produced the Healing Trauma Series to address an important contributor to the systemic issues which fuel our incarceration crisis: trauma.

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Wine & Wisdom: Living Trusts Workshop

Wood Law Group is hosting a series of free workshops on Family Protection, Kids Protection Planning and Living Wills and Trusts.




Clear the Air or Criminalize our Community? Pasadena & Legal Marijuana Issues

Last week on June 27th at the Jackie Robinson Park Recreation Center a meeting entitled “Let’s Clear the Air: Marijuana Smoke & Our Parks” was hosted by DayOne, Rethinking Alcohol and Drugs – San Gabriel Valley, and representatives from the Pasadena...

GirlTrek Trailblazers Pound the Pavement for Mental Health Awareness Month

GirlTrek is a movement full of African American Women movers and shakers. They are determined to break barriers and reclaim their health one step at a time.

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Daniel Warren's Death Ruled a Homicide by Coroner

There was speculation after the police-involved shooting of 36-year-old Daniel Warren on Friday in the 1500 block of Glen, close to Howard in Pasadena was a suicide, but the Los Angeles County Coroner has confirmed that Warren...




Kids Surpass Expectations with Performances at Harambee Motown Revue 

Principle Merian Stewart opened the doors of Franklin Elementary to the Harambee Performing  Arts Summer Program while it's building is being restored and the community showed up by the hundreds to not only show support...


Will Pasadena's Tornek Join Other Mayors in the Fight Against Homelessness

Pasadena is in the mists of a homelessness epidemic, which is mainly due to overpriced housing and the selling of the city's soul to greedy developers who care nothing about overcrowded streets and displaced residents who have lived in the city their entire lives but, can no longer afford it.