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Peace & Stability Through Self Care

Self-care is how we protect our overall wellness. In today's time, we have a variety of distractions that can cause us to forget about ourselves and to care for ourselves. There is no one way that fits all for self-care. We all enjoy different things, therefore, we have to know what refuels...

Outward Bound Adventures (OBA) Poster "Diversify the Outdoors" is Featured on the Front Window of Patagonia in Pasadena

We are happy to announce a partnership with Patagonia to display a window art piece at their Pasadena and Santa Monica locations. The art pieces will be displayed at both Southern California stores for 6 months.

7 SHARP’: Film Review | PIFF 2021

​​After discovering a deeply sinister family secret, a domineering grandmother, and her passive daughter, must make a difficult decision. They must choose to conceal the disgrace as a bond of trust as they've done in the past or disrupt,,,


Sharon Doss Brings us Niecy's Delights, that Southern Comfort Pound Cake from Grandma

In 2017 after decades of working in corporate America, Sharon Doss was let go. Like so many others, she didn't know what she would do next. Finding a new job in your fifties...

Neighborhood Survants B2S Giveaway Helps Hundreds of Kids

It was a beautiful sight to pull up to Robinson Park Community Center and see the line wrapped around the block to receive school supplies, backpacks, books, hair cuts, and hair braiding services.

1st Annual Healing Men Event Full of Positive Vibes and Connections

Before the pandemic, Colyna, Jada Brown, and Lakhysa Greene had a Hurting Women be Healed that was very successful, so it was only right to add a men's event as well. 


Perry's Joint


Wood Legal Group
LA County officials will return a beach property worth millions nearly 100 years after it was seized from a Black family

Chief Duane Yellow Feather Shepard's primary goal is to defend his tribe. His top priority is the Bruce family, his extended relatives whose descendants are on track to receive land taken from them nearly a century ago.