Young Actress Journey Christine says Work Hard Play Hard in New Song and Life 

5-year-old actress Journey Christine is already a vet when it comes to acting and modeling. but recently told her mother Celina that she wanted to do a song because some of her actor friends have videos out. 

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Black America Must Understand the Importance of Estate Planning

Passing on without a will or a current will in place turned their mourning periods into a frenzy of fighting families. The lack of a will is a social imbalance that affects many black Americans regardless of socioeconomic standing and/or level of fame, as the aforementioned celebrities’ estate issues reveal.



UCLA's Elijah Gates Gives Back to His Roots at Boys & Girls Club

PASADENA - This afternoon a room fool of middle school-aged kids got a very pleasant surprise when UCLA football standout Elijah Gates paid them a visit to pass out backpacks full of school supplies and he and talked to them for a while. 

Pasadena's Culture Shock Cafe, a Space Like no Other in the City

Culture Shock Cafe co-owner Drake Buchanan has had several businesses in Pasadena over the past 25 years and I can honestly say that he's always had the community on his mind.


Daniel Warren's Death Ruled a Homicide by Coroner

There was speculation after the police-involved shooting of 36-year-old Daniel Warren on Friday in the 1500 block of Glen, close to Howard in Pasadena was a suicide, but the Los Angeles County Coroner has confirmed that Warren...



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Chauncey Big-Hit Hollis Being Railroaded by the System

Grammy-nominated music artist Chauncey "Big-Hit" Hollis for the song, Grinding All My Life, was on the rise when he was arrested for a hit and run and reckless driving to which he claims his innocence.


Will Pasadena's Tornek Join Other Mayors in the Fight Against Homelessness

Pasadena is in the mists of a homelessness epidemic, which is mainly due to overpriced housing and the selling of the city's soul to greedy developers who care nothing about overcrowded streets and displaced residents who have lived in the city their entire lives but, can no longer afford it.