California May Become Abortion Sanctuary State

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) said California will become a “sanctuary” for women from other states seeking abortions if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, as a group of abortion providers and advocacy organizations rolled out 45...


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Where Will Our Children Live?

Forget the so-called American Dream of owning a home, how will our children afford to rent in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas like Pasadena, CA—where I grew up? For those of us Gen Xers who might have been the last generation to grow up in homes our parents owned, and to pull off homeownership ourselves...


Peace & Stability Through Self Care

Self-care is how we protect our overall wellness. In today's time, we have a variety of distractions that can cause us to forget about ourselves and to care for ourselves. There is no one way that fits all for self-care. We all enjoy different things, therefore, we have to know what refuels...


Black-Owned App Simplifies the College Admissions Process for Black Students

Founder Shawntia Lee is a remarkably experienced and talented higher education consultant with a track record of 15+ years of advising college students at different levels of education. An advocate for deserving academic minorities.


Tennessee State University Hypes Rose Parade Crowd

I first got the opportunity to see the Tennessee State University Aristocrat of Bands thrill the crowd on Wednesday at the Band Fest at Pasadena City College. They were the final band and it had rained pretty steadily all afternoon.

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LA County officials will return a beach property worth millions nearly 100 years after it was seized from a Black family

Chief Duane Yellow Feather Shepard's primary goal is to defend his tribe. His top priority is the Bruce family, his extended relatives whose descendants are on track to receive land taken from them nearly a century ago.

The Uglification of Pasadena

Today I saw the Pasadena of 2021 and beyond. The multi-faceted 4-5 story monsters that permeate Fair Oaks and throughout “Old Town Pasadena” is the beginning of the end of the Pasadena I knew. The “out of control” infrastructure building...