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Wine & Wisdom: Living Trusts Workshop

Wood Law Group is hosting a series of free workshops on Family Protection, Kids Protection Planning and Living Wills and Trusts.

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A Way to Better Mental Health: Learn to Love Yourself First

For some self-love is like pouring alcohol on an open wound. Because the greatest struggle in life is the struggle to accept, embrace and love ourselves, with all of our imperfections. 

GirlTrek TrailBlazers: Hats off to Moms Trek

Dear Mama, This Saturday we celebrate you!! Come out in your favorite HAT for our Mother’s Day Trek. We will open with a moment of silence, prayer, trek and then head back for Mimosas. We will celebrate the Mother’s in our group and the ones we know and love.

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Brandon Jackson Will Forever Be Remembered Through His Scholarship

The Brandon Jackson Memorial Scholarship recognizes the life of Brandon Jackson, a young man who inspired many of his classmates to personal and academic excellence and whose own life was cut short.




Can a Black Man Get His Rights Back? No Felony Means No Way of Ever Protecting Home or Being Free

That is only a small subset of the 2.1 million people in all U.S. prisons (roughly 1.2 million Black) but is an important step nonetheless. About 25% of the total US adult black population has a felony, while 6.5% of adult non-blacks...

Markina Smith, Changing Fashion with Her Leggings

From the age of 9, I started designing clothing and drawing almost anything I could set my eyes on. I was introduced to my first sewing machine that summer and the thought of taking an idea and creating something out of nothing...


Pastor John P. McCall and Bethel Church Pasadena Celebrates 60 Years of Service

Yesterday Bethel celebrated 60 years in the city of Pasadena. It has been at the same location at 1972 N. Fair Oaks Ave since it's conception and for the last 14 years under the leadership of Pastor John P. McCall. Bethel welcomed Pastor Floyd D. Kirts from Bethel Church from Pastor McCall's...