Mr. & Mrs. Love: Don't Let Social Media Hinder Your Relationship

In today's society it's easy to be and become who you want to be. The question is, are you your best you? In your actions and how you present it. We as women have to be mindful of what we entertain. In 2011 1/3 of...

Branding & Beyond: Success Can Be Found in Unexpected Places

I met Auaja at our Recycling Black Dollars Business Mixer last month where she was informing everyone about the Not for Profit Symposium. After speaking with Auaja you will come to realize that she has a passion and is on a mission to serve.

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Different Route This Week for Girl Trek

The Trek Trailblazers are off to a great start. We are coming upon our 5th meet up this Saturday.Although we've just started each Saturday we are growing stronger. Stronger in numbers, distance, resistance and most...

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Tommy's Vision Nothing to Clown About

This past Saturday night, the Pasadena Black Pages staff and Black Lives Matter Pasadena Youth staff took around a dozen kids and teens to the 25th Anniversary of the Battle Zone presented by Tommy the Clown. All I can say is while there and leaving I felt...

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Domestic Abuse is a Big Deal

Every year, more than 3 children witness  domestic violence in their homes. 1.3 million women or assaulted by an intimate partner. Most Domestic Violence incidents are never reported. We must break the silence of Domestic Violence . Take a stand. 


Fight for Life: Heart Disease in the Black Community

It is vital that we take our health a little more seriously and start to decrease the amount of funerals we attend in a year. We don't want to become numb to the situation because it will be much harder for us to improve how we view life. 

Dear Jackie, Thank You For Stepping Up

Did you know that the owners of all three Asian beauty suppliers went before the City of Pasadena to intercept JP's Beauty Supply? They stuck together to try to destroy her before she even started. Now it's time for us to stick...

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