Tuesday, November 6, 2018 is Coming and we Need that Vote

Congressional elections affect your state's representation in Congress. Congress is the legislative branch of the federal government that includes the House of Representatives and the Senate.

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Why Do You hate me

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GirlTrek: A Trek for Doriane

This Saturday's walk is dedicated to my cousin Doriane Shamburger. Doriane is a beautiful single mother of two gorgeous young women. Doriane is a strong woman just like all of the women in my family. She's been having some health challenges and I want us to walk for her. 

PCC's Transfer Bound Presents On the Yard for Incoming Students

Transfer Bound/ROPE is open to all PCC students but is specifically geared toward the successful enrollment of the African-American student population.

From a Disagreement to Sisterhood Sundays

Who knew that one Facebook disagreement would lead to a celebration of Sisterhood? Special thanks for Nicole Comas, Jada, Brown and Tansy Johnson for deciding that enough is enough. They knew that it was time to unite, empower and uplift one another instead of constantly....

Domestic Abuse is a Big Deal

Every year, more than 3 children witness  domestic violence in their homes. 1.3 million women or assaulted by an intimate partner. Most Domestic Violence incidents are never reported. We must break the silence of Domestic Violence . Take a stand. Raise your voice. Educate yourself on signs and behavior.


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A Portion of the Proceeds will be Donated to Local Brest Cancer Survivors


Robbie Thomas Walker: A Mother's Incomparable Strength

In the Merriam Webster dictionary, the second definition of the word strength reads; the ability to resist being moved or broken by force. Strength is the definition of Robbie Thomas Walker. The mother of two beautiful...

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Why Do You Hate Me: Part Two 

Is it because whatever you put in my way I manage to overcome it, or could it be that when you convinced me to hate myself it wasn’t long before I came to myself and realized how much the world needed my intellect my strength my passion my resilience?

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