Want to Learn About Financial Freedom, Visit Pasadena's Taylor Insurance & Financial Center

A Maranatha High School grad, Eszylfie is very community-minded and sharing what it takes to gain financial freedom is his way of giving back. In his building, there are free financial workshops monthly.

Local Couple Takes on the Task of Keeping a Black-owned Business Black-owned

​​Chef Adrienne and her husband Kevin McDaniels have had a few businesses in Pasadena over the years that they started. This time they are joining Debbie Raney and going into business with her at the Park Bench Cafe.

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Chef Andrea Drummer Makes History by Opening America’s First Cannabis Café

In West Hollywood, customers can find a legal cannabis food spot, called Original Cannabis Cafe, owned by chef Andrea Drummer, making it the first in the country. 

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First to Third Baseball Opens Unique Mobile Store

Home matters to Darrell Gay, and he had a vision beyond his vision when he started First to Third Baseball. It started with him wanting to teach kids the forgotten game of baseball.

Tyron Hampton Calls for Halt and Overhaul of Cannabis Permitting Process

The City of Pasadena's cannabis permitting process has proven to be a failure and should be stopped and overhauled for three principal reasons.

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Outward Bound Adventures Giving 31 Champion of Change Awards

Thirty-one “Champions of Change” will descend upon the offices of Outward Bound Adventures Inc. (OBA) in Pasadena on Saturday, February 1st to receive recognition for their support in promoting diversity and inclusion in the outdoors.

During Q&A Hardin Reveals His Vision of Pasadena's Future with Him as Mayor

I caught up to Jason Hardin and asked him a few questions about what his plans as Mayor of Pasadena would be like.