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Living Above the Hype wit K-Rahn Vallatine

 Join K-Rahn Vallantine for a two-session, 8-hour Urban Youth Culture Competency and Engagement Training to help adults work with youth and young adults who are exposed to trauma and engage in high-risk behavior.


SOBP 2018


Co-workers Honor Horace Wormely for 37 Years of Service

Everyone doesn't get the send-off Pasadena Human Services and Recreation Director Horace Wormely did from his peers. After 37 years of serving the community of Pasadena, this Alabama native is retiring to began the...

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GirlTrek Labor Day Stress Protest, a Weekend of Awakening and Pride

This Labor Day weekend I experienced the best self-care celebration in my life. I had the pleasure to attend in my life. I had the pleasure of attending GirlTrek's 2nd Annual Stress Protest. What is Stress Protest?  Self- Care is a  revolutionary...

John Kennedy: The State of Black Pasadena 2018

What struck me as problematic was the minuscule number of African American young people walking across the stage. Sure, there was a much higher percentage of black students in the graduating classes at Pacific Oaks...

Rude Employees and Ticket Gouging at Pasadena Transportation Department

Tarik had received 3 parking tickets and paid them all on time, but the City of Pasadena charged him late fees on all of the tickets. When he went to the DOT he was told that he had been charged correctly and it was his responsibility to pay the fees on time. 

New Memoirs Explore ADHD and the Black Family

Authors of the new book Falling Through the Ceiling: Our ADHD Family Memoir decided to do something when expensive, dangerous behaviors repeated in their home, Audrey and Larry Jones sought help from teachers and therapists regarding their children.


BlacKKKlansman, Most Powerful Film of 2018

When I decided to attend the DenaRedz opening of Spike Lee's new film Blackkklansman at the Arclight Theater in Pasadena, my expectations weren't high because I have been disappointed in most films I've seen lately.  Well, I'm happy to say that this film...