Marcus Washington: About the Community at Gametime and Beyond  

Sometimes we tend to give people praise and honor because of their celebrity, but we forget the people who are on the grassroots level making sure the community stays strong and healthy.

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Shaton Anderson-Joseph: Pearls, Passion & Purpose 

Born and raised in Pasadena, Shaton Anderson-Joseph is one of the reasons being from and growing up here is so unique. She now lives in another city, but whenever she has an event through her company...

Act Like a Genius. Think Like a Genius

Anyone can think act and think a genius. Operating in your genius means exploring all options even after you have found a promising solution, making your thoughts visible – writing them down, they produce and take action, they collaborate instead of competing and last but...

Fight For Life: Vanity Part I 

Let us look at ourselves and our motives for the next few weeks as we deal with vanity. Although this is written with the city or roses in mind, it is for us all across the land near and far. Let us reflect over the above verses and ask ourselves why do we do what we do?

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Troy Clewis on Fatherhood

Growing up in Altadena, Troy never had a relationship with his father, who was pursuing a career in the music industry as an R & B singer. Missing fathers seem to be the trend with most of these spotlights on fatherhood. 

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Summer, Summer, Summer Time! Education!

It's summer time, the kids are out of school and they need something to do. Did you know the city of Pasadena has some amazing and enriching programs for children to be apart of during the summer?

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PPD, Most Dangerous Gang in Pasadena 

​We must clearly understand that the police can kill a Black man or woman without consequences in 99% of the cases. Be careful when dealing with them,  especially White ones here. They have been recruiting rednecks to patrol...